PORT BROKERS, INC. (PBI), offers a complete range of products and services for the importing community, handling all phases of transportation - including customs clearance, warehousing, storage, distribution and delivery. Our staff of experienced import specialists will custom fit a system of importing to suit your particular needs.

U. S. Customs - PBI has more than forty years of experience serving the international importing community. Utilizing our state of the art automated interface with CPB's ACS, ABI, and AMS, PBI's staff of licensed U. S. Custom Brokers will provide you with prompt, error-free processing of entries, plus tracking, quota and other vital import information. PBI is also ACE certified and approved for Remote Location Filing, (RLF).
IT Capabilities - Through our integrated, flexible technologies and network of international and domestic agents, you can monitor your shipments from point of origin to point of delivery. PBI offers EDI inbound capabilities via 850 to receive data for clearance and for you to receive EDI data for payment, audit and statistical purposes, and EDI outbound via 856. PBI is proud to provide you with our TRACKING PRO system, which displays a complete Supply Chain management view - from the initial issuance of Purchase Order to final Proof of Delivery. Liquidation data can also be accessed through our TRACKING PRO whenever required. Our TRACKING PRO system provides you with an assortment of traffic and management reports, including, but not limited to, shipment status reports, historical data reports, as well as entry data reports.
Bond & Insurance - PBI has insurance specialists on staff to provide you with cargo insurance tailored to your specific needs. In addition, our specialists can arrange for a U. S. Customs Bond to expedite payment of Customs Duty. Alternately, if you prefer, we can assist in enrolling your company in the U. S. Customs ACH program which will automatically transfer Duty payments electronically to U. S. Customs through your financial institution. Many of our clients prefer the ACH system, which enables them to remit every 30 days as well as obtain an assortment of useful management reports.
Certifications/Compliance - Our Compliance and Regulatory Affairs Team regularly monitors and maintains Administrative Messages from CBP. All Anti-Dumping and Countervailing cases are recorded and maintained for future reference. When ADD shipments arrive, the importer is contacted to verify all necessary information and documents, (ie: non-reimbursement statement). Current ADD and CVD Rates are verified prior to making entry. Post Entry audits, Supplemental Information Letters, (SIL's), Protests and Voluntary Tenders are done by our compliance Team on your behalf.